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Bright ‘n Green through Google Glass – Katy Kasmai

06 Mar 2014, Posted by Bright 'n Green in Blog

Katy Kasmai, founder & CEO Xocracy – a social media site and app for voting on political and social issues, business strategy and product management company, Pierre Noir Consulting, and avid Google Glass explorer recently visited Bright ‘n Green to learn more about our project. Ms. Kasmai, ever the entrepreneur, is always conquering up new ideas for startup companies. With a related project being presented to Google Venture in the works, she spent the day touring with us.


Of Bright ‘n Green she says, “I am extremely impressed by what you have built and the attention to detail. I believe it will make for a fantastic showcase project for both the sustainable industry and the tech industry in NYC.”

Take a look at some of her shots taken with her Google Glass:







And a few of her screen shots of Bright ‘n Green’s Enphase Energy online solar monitoring app:


Follow Katy Kasmai on Google + and join the Google Glass NYC Meetup to learn about Katy’s upcoming NYC Sustainable Tech group tour of Bright ‘n Green and Google Glass events at Google offices in Chelsea.

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