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Living Future Net Positive Energy + Water Conference

06 Feb 2014, Posted by Bright 'n Green in Blog, Events


We attended the International Living Future Institute™  Net Positive Energy + Water Conference in San Francisco. Experts came together to develop net zero energy and water concepts through the restorative framework of the Living Building Challenge™. The conference included keynote speakers and education sessions organized into three tracks: Net Zero Energy Design, Net Zero Water Design and Frontiers of Net Zero Energy.

Jason McLennan, CEO and founder of the Living Future Institute gave a very heart felt key note on the changes in the building industry so we can have world of abundance and wealth for everyone.

Maude Barlow, an expert on water saving conservationists, says that in 80 years the Great Lakes could go dry. As a Canadian she is an environmentalist that has fought for clean water and water rights her whole life. Very emotional and dramatic talk.

Five team members spoke about their net positive projects and included Pauline Souza who spoke about a middle school design, Dal Mikkelsten spoke about an office building, Brad Jacobson spoke about a preschool, Richard Piacentini spoke about the Phipps Conservancy and Robert Westby spoke about the department of defense movement to create net positive energy bases.

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