BRIGHT N GREEN | Statement of Origin of Bright 'n Green's Reclaimed Oak Flooring
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Statement of Origin of Bright ‘n Green’s Reclaimed Oak Flooring

31 Mar 2014, Posted by Bright 'n Green in Blog

Earthbilt supplied the flooring used in Bright ‘n Green. It is red oak (upper floors) and white oak (community room) made from reclaimed wood.

The wood was obtained from western Pennsylvania. The oak was originally rough-sawn into planks, triangular blocks and other shapes that were nailed to the inside of crates made for shipping large steel pipeline pieces. Our mill obtained the material from a company in Pennsylvania which originally used the wood for securing large items in railway cars for shipping.

Below are two photographs of the salvaged material, piled up where it was unloaded from the railcars and disassembled.

Statement of Origin for Flooring

Statement of Origin for Flooring

The reclaimed material was shipped to northern Connecticut, where it was sorted, metal was removed, and it was milled into flooring, prior to shipping to Brooklyn.

Tim Keating, Owner



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