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Net Zero Living in Brooklyn. Highly eco-friendly multi-use includes six studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments.
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Sat, April 26th – Pratt CE & NYC Google + Sustainable Tech Tour/Networking @ Bright ‘n Green

28 Mar 2014, Posted by Bright 'n Green in Blog, Events

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 Sat, April 26, 10:30 AM EDT
 67 Brighton 1st Lane, Brooklyn, NY, United States




 Chris Grant Andre Smith John Lee Clayton Roulhac-Carr
Tomo Marinkovic  Serko Artinian and more attended.

Hosted by:


Google + NYC Sustainable Tech Meetup & Pratt CE : Tour of Bright’n Green Property – The sustainable, Passive House residential apartment building built by Scarano Architects of Brooklyn, NY.

10:30 am – Arrivals and meet the Architect
11:00 am – Tour begins
1:00 pm – Networking Lunch is a taste of Russia at Georgian House (129 Brighton Beach Avenue Brooklyn NY 11235)

We are getting together with NYC Google Sustainable Tech professionals to learn about sustainable tech for the home and have some great conversations!  Fun times ahead #NYC!

Sustainable Tech has put together a special tour of Bright ‘n Green. The property features some interesting and forward looking sustainable technology with a NET Zero energy balance and no carbon emissions. The tour includes a look at how Enphase helps Bright ’n Green monitor high-tech solar energy systems.

We suggest a donation of $10, $15 or $20 to the Nature Conservancy. Donate below.

About Bright ’n Green:

Built to a higher standard to last
• Constructed & finished with all non-toxic materials
• Air scrubbed clean of contaminants and particulates
• Uses ambient earth temperature to pre- conditioned fresh clean air
• Constantly ventilated throughout the day and night
• Site remediated of all contaminants

An end to energy bills
• No gas in the building equals no carbon emissions
• Net zero energy balance with the grid
• No rate hike or energy embargo worries
• Domestic hot water heated by the sun & earth

Living sustainably
• Reclaimed rainwater – avoid excessive runoff to municipal system
• Avoid dumping 30 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year
• Saving more than 750 trees every year

About Passive House

Passive House is a European standard of building design that achieves a 90% energy reduction for projects that comply and are certified by their energy modeling called “PHPP”.

Any building can be made to comply, from a one family house to a 500 unit apartment building and the standards, while rigorous, are quite simply based. Basically you build a super insulated building envelope like a thermos or cooler and then make it air tight that way whatever heat or cooling you put in it stays in it. It’s like putting a balloon around a thermos – it creates a vacuum that prevents the transfer of heating or cooling by conduction or convection.

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Join Others to Make a Positive Impact for Nature

Less than .03% of Earth’s water is accessible freshwater. Today, almost 2 billion people do not have access to drinking water and by 2030 it’s estimated we will need 40% more water than we can access. The Nature Conservancy has over 400 freshwater experts working for the future of water.

At Bright ‘n Green we capture and recycle greywater in outdoor river and pond features and in 5k gallon total capacity rainwater storage tanks, in order to reduce impact on the city systems and prevent overflow wastewater pollution at peak times from entering our lakes, rivers and streams. We use this gathered water to irrigate our plants and living walls, and operate the worm composting toilet system in place at Bright ‘n Green.

Being Net Zero, Bright ‘n Green does not rely on existing power supplies but creates its own energy, and in doing so does not contribute to the impact of water-consuming and polluting (among multiple other adverse effects) oil, coal and natural gas based services.

Energy Star clothes and dishwashers are a given at Bright ‘n Green, as well as employing a multi-level water filtration system that removes all particulates from the water providing the cleanest potable water possible.

We thank you for standing with us in the cause of Water conservation and improvement. It’s easily one of the most crucial issues facing the environment today.

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The Nature Conservancy

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